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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Charlotte C.


As President, I lead our chapter in meetings and act as Kappa’s representative in the greater Greek Community. I work with our Chapter Council to coordinate all chapter events, ranging from philanthropic efforts to social events to sisterhood outings.

Caroline N.

Vice President of Standards

As VP of Standards, I head and facilitate the Standards Committee, which acts as the Judicial Branch of our chapter. Although I am responsible for the maintenance of Fraternity standards and policies, I also encourage spirit and morale with “Sister-of-the-Week” Awards, and anonymous surprises such as notes in mailboxes, or quarters for the soda machine. Striving to protect and promote the values of Kappa, I work with members of our chapter to ensure our sisters are held in the highest regard to others on campus and in the community.

Lindsay S.

Vice President of Organization

As Vice President - Organization, I oversee the coordination of chapter events and the creation of a well-balanced chapter master calendar. I am also responsible for planning leadership development and officer training. Lastly, I strive to promote chapter involvement by creating committees that support our officer positions, participate in monthly committee nights, and put on fun themed dinner nights for the rest of the chapter.

Abby R.

Vice President of Academic Excellence

As VP of Academic Excellence, I promote academic awareness, supervise scholarship, and provide assistance to members when needed. I educate the chapter on internship, job, and scholarship opportunities on campus and in the Berkeley community. Planning the scholarship banquet and brunch, as well as executing the “smarty pants of the week award” are some of my favorite projects! Thinking of fun ways to promote academic awareness make up a huge part of my job as well so that our chapter can excel beyond the Greek Community at Berkeley.

Carlin R.

Recruitment Chairman

As The Recruitment Chair, I am the director and spokesperson for formal recruitment. I oversee all formal recruitment operations as well as communicate with Panhellenic Council about the rules and regulations of recruitment.

Elena S.


As Marshal I promote Kappa tradition, decorum, and ritual. During Inspiration week, the week before New Members are initiated into the fraternity, I coordinate activities so New Members have the opportunity to learn more Kappa traditions and get to know even more active members in the house. I also coordinate all activities regarding initiation.

Devin M.

Corresponding Secretary

As corresponding secretary, I am responsible for communicating with Fraternity Headquarters. My duties include sending required reports and forms to Province, Regional, and Fraternity officers. I update the roster, order pins for initiation, keep bid day cards in stock, request to initiate new members, and answer all correspondence promptly.

Katie R.


As Treasurer, I set the budget for Chapter Council and collect payments from members each semester. I try to keep both the women in the house and their parents informed with what payments are for and where the money goes. I work with all of the girls to make sure they are staying within their budget constraints, and write checks for them. As a member of chapter council, I also try to help out in every aspect of Kappa life.

Lauren L.


The position of registrar is responsible for working with current members in the house, as well as the Kappa Kappa Gamma alumnae. Responsibilities with regard to the current members include maintaining an up to date roster and mailing list, coordinating an archive inventory with the corresponding secretary, announcing Birthday's at meeting in culmination with a fun card signed by all members, completing reports on Chapter membership and enrollment, and keeping accurate records of initiation numbers. With regard to the alumnae and Kappa community, Registrar is required to submit an annual chapter history report, work with Marshal and Fraternity Education to develop chapter awareness, plan and present an annual heritage display, and work with the committee to make Chapter photo and fun fact albums.

Dani I.

Education Chairman

As Education Chair, my main responsibility is to prepare Kappas for life after college regarding topics such as contracts, real estate, finances, etc. by connecting active Kappa members with Kappa alumni. I ensure Kappa seniors have access to alumni and other useful resources to help them prepare for success and independence beyond their undergraduate years. This duty also entails a heritage workshop to teach new members about our Kappa history as well as Founder's Day, in which active Kappas honor the founders as well as alumni who have been members of Kappa for 25, 50, or 75 years.

Kenyon W.

Social Exchange

As Social Chair, I am in charge of all Kappa Kappa Gamma social events. I am required to take the necessary procedures in order to put on events as well as taking in information to improve future events.

Grace Z.

Social Annual

My position as Event Chairman entails the planning and executing of our offsite social events including invitationals and date parties. I also plan a Senior Sendoff in the spring for the graduating Kappas. Along with these chapter events, I educate the chapter on social conduct, alcohol awareness, and risk management in conjunction with our Risk Manager.


Panhellenic Delegate

As Panhellenic Delegate, I act as a liaison between our chapter and the Greek community as a whole. I attend bi-monthly meetings with the Panhellenic Executive Officers in which we are responsible for the revision of documents such as the Greek Social Code and current recruitment policies. In making these decisions, I strive to uphold the four pillars of our Greek community: leadership, scholarship, friendship and service. Additionally, I work to inspire members of our own chapter to become involved in Greek-wide events such as Greek Week.

Birkley S.

Membership Chairman

As Membership Chair, I do a lot of the "behind the scenes" work of recruitment. I create the criteria for membership selection, receive and organize recommendation letters and Kappa legacy forms, and work side by side with the Recruitment Chair to ensure recruitment runs smoothly.

Maddy J.

New Member Chairman

As New Member Chairman I get the pleasure of helping guide the New Members in the ways of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am a friend and mentor that helps these New Members transition into the house with confidence and ease. I run our Bid Day and present the New Members to their parents and the chapter. I also work on Key Sis events. I love my job!

Ava M.

Internal Philanthropy

As Kappa's Internal Philanthropy Chair, I act as a liaison between our chapter and Emerson Elementary, where we host Reading Days every Friday to improve student literacy. I am responsible for organizing Kappa Karaoke, our biggest philanthropy event of the year, and for educating our chapter about Reading is Fundamental. My most important task as Internal Philanthropy Chair is to generate enthusiasm among the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma for contributing to our community.

Kelly F.

External Philanthropy

As External Philanthropy Chairman, I am responsible for Kappa's participation in other philanthropies beside our own. These include fraternity philanthropies, sorority philanthropies (such as Pi Phi's "Arrowbands") and other community service opportunities that occur around campus. My position is responsible for helping out not only our community but also the greater good.

Jasmine E.

Risk Management Chairman

As Risk Management Chair, I am responsible for the education and well being of the chapter in all aspects of health and safety. It is my duty to develop a comprehensive yearlong education program designed to educate the chapter members about a wide variety of risk management related topics, from earthquake and fire safety to eating disorders and alcohol risks. In addition, I coordinate the social activities of the chapter with the social chairmen of the house to minimize situations that jeopardize property or a person's safety.

Sarah M.

Activities Chairman

As Activities Chairman, I am responsible for organizing all the sisterhood events. These events, such as tea parties, and trips to the Giants games, are fun ways for the entire chapter to bond and spend time together in a different setting. In addition, we inform the chapter of upcoming events in Berkeley and the rest of the Bay area.

Grace C.

Recording Secretary

As Recording Secretary, I serve as the record keeper for the chapter. I take the minutes for both the chapter and Chapter Council meeting and coordinate the revision of the chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules. I also serve as a role model to the rest of the chapter and represent what the chapter and the Fraternity stand for to others on campus and in the community.

Megan S.

Public Relations

As Public Relations Chair, I am responsible for maintaining Kappa's good relationship with the Greek Community and the University as a whole. I also manage the website and all of the social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. Finally, I write the annual newsletter, Pi Piper, that is released at the end of each Fall semester.

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